YES, we are accepting new patients Our Vision: Southern Oregon will become a place where chronic pain is minimized and physical, mental, and spiritual well-being are maximized. Our Mission: To transform painful lives through QUAVECARE. QUAVECARE is pain care that is world class, safe, positively life-changing, and delivered with integrity, kindness, and compassion.

Referring Providers

We appreciate your referrals and want to make the referral process as easy as possible.

We need the following information about the patient:

  • Demographic Sheet
  • Any applicable imaging
  • Insurance card or Workers Comp information
  • Last OV note

We will request any additional records if needed.

Quave Clinic

We offer multiple locations throughout the Rogue Valley for the convenience of your patients.

We provide quality care and timely consolations.

We send follow-up communication.

We offer fast track procedures. Simply check the “Procedure Only” box on the Referral form and we get them in immediately for procedure only.

We return the patient back to you in addition to sending progress notes.

What is the process?

Fax or EMR referral submission: Once we receive your referral, we will reach out to the patient to schedule their appointment.

If for some reason we cannot schedule their appointment or they have declined, we will send a letter back informing you.

Thank you for trusting us to care for your patients!

Call Us Today! (541) 494-1111

Call Us Today! (541) 494-1111